Development and Validation of the Objective Scoring System, version 3
by Raymond Nelson, Mark Handler, and Donald Krapohl
Poster #1 - Development and validation
Poster #2 - Validation with mixed format field investigation polygraphs
Poster #3 - Additional validation with LEPET and PCSOT screening exams
The OSS-3 Report
Other Materials

OSS-3 Procedural Flow Chart
One-page flow-chart
Crossvalidation sample
Screening Samples
Component Weighting
Component Norms - bootstrap training (with plots)
ROC - components - standardized lognormal ratios
Cumulative Normal Distributions for DI and NDI cases (with plots)
Grand Mean and Senter Rules (training sample)
Bootstrapping (brief)
Advanced User Options
Training Sample - results with and without Bonferonni correction
Mixed Format - 2nd validation sample (mixed techniques)- with spot/MGQT rules and Senter Rules
LEPET Screening Sample - with spot/MGQT rules and Sreening Rules
LEPET Screening Sample - results with and without Bonferonni correction
Habituation between charts - 2nd validation sample
(mixed techniques)
Habituation between RQs - 2ns validation sample (mixed techniques)